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Recycle your Clothes
You can choose to send us your used garments for resale or for recycle/donation.
In the event that the garment you want to send back to us is in good condition, it will be put on sale again in the "PRE-LOVED" section, or you can tell us you want to donate it.
If your garment has finished its life phase, it will be recycled in an environmentally friendly way, thanks to our partner Kiswa. Please click here if you want to discover more.
If you are in the United Arab Emirates you can contact Kiswa directly at this link.
In both cases, you will receive a Discount to spend on our store!
Fill out the form to allow us to collect your used clothes. We will take care to dispose and recycle all clothing in respect and protection of the environment.
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We have chosen and selected all our partners and suppliers who offer sustainable and innovative solutions for the protection of the planet and of its personnel. We support the projects of the companies that deal with the recycling of used clothing, which today is one of the most polluting industries and still the companies that deal with producing fabrics from plastic bottles.

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