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We have chosen to deliver our garments for disposal to Kiswa which is an organization that is committed to raising environmental awareness in the UAE and encouraging people to lead sustainable lives by reducing pollution. After collecting the used clothing, the Kiswa team will take care of filtering the products. Garments in good condition are resold, while damaged clothes are sorted and recycled for other uses such as furniture or curtains. Customers who decide to recycle their used clothes will receive a discount voucher to be used for future purchases.

If you are in the United Arab Emirates you can contact Kiswa directly at this link.


Dgrade believe that sustainable manufacturing solutions are the only way to protect the earth and our future.

DGrade has developed Greenspun® a high-quality yarn made from recycled plastic water bottles. Greenspun® yarn replaces traditional polyester yarn.

DGrade is the only company that manage the full supply chain from plastic bottle collection to clothing production.

Thrift For Good

Thrift for Good is a charity thrift shop chain in Dubai, which exists to do good!

Thrift for Good promotes a sustainable and compassionate lifestyle, committed to reducing waste and helping children worldwide. In addition to reusing and recycling products, they donate 100% of their profits to Gulf for Good's children charity projects under the approval of Islamic Affairs Fundraising. They collaborate with Gulf for Good to fund projects that sustainably improve children's lives in poverty reduction, health, and education sectors worldwide. Thrift for Good strives to keep expenses low, relying on volunteers and sponsors to accomplish their mission. Their goal is to donate 50% of their monthly revenues to significantly support needy children.

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