Welcome to the heart of our mission for a more sustainable fashion. Here at A|LOUD, we firmly believe in circularity, a concept that guides every aspect of our work. Circularity for us means not only creating beautiful and high-quality garments, but also ensuring they have a prolonged lifespan and are responsibly managed at the end of their lifecycle.


Our Responsibility

Our commitment is to create the most Ethical and Sustainable brand based on the circular model, in which the customer is a fundamental part of the whole process.

We believe in the Circularity of fashion. Our model predicts that each product has several lifetimes, to be then disposed of and recycled.


You will be a fundamental part of the whole process, because you could give our garments a second life by choosing "Return to Us" when you no longer want to use them. We will take care of the disposal or give it a second chance and you will be rewarded.

At the end of their journey, our garments will be entrusted to Kiswa for disposal or transformation into a different product.

The Garment Return and Reuse Process:

We offer you the option to return your clothing to our brand instead of throwing it away. It's simple: after making a purchase, when you no longer want to use our items, you can return them to us instead of leaving them in the wardrobe or throwing them away.

Buyback and Rental Options:

But our mission for sustainable fashion doesn't end here! In addition to returning items, we also offer the possibility of repurchasing pre-loved items or renting them. We have a curated selection of pre-loved clothing in excellent condition that you can purchase at affordable prices. Alternatively, if you only wish to wear an item for a special occasion, you can opt for our rental service and return it to us after wearing it.

Destination of Returned Items:

When we receive the returned items, we sort them carefully. Garments in good condition are donated to local charities, while those no longer usable are sent to companies specializing in sustainable textile disposal. Nothing you return ends up in landfill.

Examples of Reuse:
Do you want to know what happens to your returned items? We don't throw them away, but they will be transformed! Fabrics are recycled to create new sustainable products or used to make cleaning fabrics, curtains or other useful items.

Positive Environmental Impact:

By participating in our garment return and reuse program, you are actively helping to reduce the environmental impact of fashion. Every item returned is a step towards a more sustainable future for our planet.

We believe that each of us has a role to play in promoting more sustainable fashion. We invite you, our customers, to actively participate in our garment return and reuse program, as well as explore buyback and rental options. Together we can make a difference!

Climate Commitment

We clean up after ourselves

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Together, participating businesses have…

- Removed more than thousands of tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere- Provided carbon-neutral shipping for more than millions of orders

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